Website for the Optimal Method – a technique for calibrating printing processes

TAGA Presentation (2018) - explains the above flowchart

TAGA Presentation (2004) - the basis for the G7 method

TAGA Presentation (2005) - early work on Bernstein polynomial curves

CTV Presentation (2005) - the basis for the ISO 20654 standard

CTV Formulation (2005) - the math details

Color Measures Presentation (2005)

Generic Matching Tool Presentation (2006) - the road not taken

Proposed Changes to ISO 12647 (2007)

Defining Grey (2009) - it seemed important to get this right

Color Tool Kit Presentation (2016) - a bit of history

TAGA Presentation (2016) - color management with OBAs

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Doppelganger, LLC

Graphic Arts Consulting, LLC

This web site was created to supplement our TAGA presentation in March, 2018. Since then, there has been interest in using our software tools commercially. Our latest effort (May, 2020) is version 16U, which adds many great new features. See page 3 of the user manual (below) for a complete list.

PressCal_16U (advanced curve software) – updated 7/2020

PressCal User Manual (16U) – updated 7/2020

PressCal Checklist

PressCal Test Charts – updated 5/2020 (new charts for i1iO 3)

Example Press Forms – updated 8/2020 (new charts for i1iO 3)

Open Source License (GPLv3) – free as in speech

The links below are to the Color Tool Kit, and the original software, as described in our TAGA paper.

Color Tool Kit (CPAN) – updated 2/2020

Color Tool Kit Documentation – updated 2/2020

Color Tool Kit Programming Tutorial – new 1/2020

Color Tool Kit (optional modules for Mac OS)

Installing the Color Tool Kit (Mac OS)

Installing the Color Tool Kit (Windows)

PressCal_3 (curve software, original TAGA demo)

RGraph website (RGraph software is used for PressCal graphics)